I thought it was a Raptor, not an Explorer.

James clambered up, awkwardly attempting to maintain his balance as he clambered up, one hand on the roof’s edge and one clasping the heavy rifle. Steadying himself with one leg against the dashboard, he hauled the weapon up and heaved it into the aforementioned servo mount. He jumped as the mount itself essentially grabbed the weapon and fastened itself, but immediately felt stupid…

“Okay, I really should’ve known that would happen on a robocar…” he growled.

“You okay up there little bro?” Sera asked, sounding concerned.

“Okay as I’ll can be!” he called back over the wind, and opened up with the plasma rifle. “This is appropriate a time as ever, YEEHAH!”

It wasn’t until the pursuit turned off the main road that he even noticed the oil.

“Oh SHIT!” He hung onto the weapon as if his life depended on it as the truck slid sideways in the turn, before the concrete scrubbed the massive tires of the slick oil and the sudden traction upset the truck’s high center of gravity. The truck tipped and rolled over.

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