To a Strange Land

The horses stopped suddenly. There it was the limit. The driver was wise. He knew not to test the limits of legend.
“Ma’am, we’re at the outskirts of the empire, we need to request an audience before we can proceed”
She nodded.
The soldiers escorting her were scared. They had every right to be. No human being that had penetrated the fog without permission had returned alive.
“Ma’am” said one of them, “It is not safe here, please, we need an audience”
She stepped outside her carriage. Walked ahead of her soldiers.
“Ma’am, it is not SAFE!” they exclaimed, yet she pressed on. Soon, she had disappeared into the fog. Her visibility was nil, she stood. Waited.
“Halt” she heard a voice said. “Identify yourself and whom you represent now or perish”
She looked around. They were dressed in dark armor, not made of metal, with helmets that covered their entire face. Their weapons were also strange. No blades of any kind. They seem to be projectile-based.
“I’m an emissary, and we wish to trade”
“What is trade?”

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