Gift of Magi

I’d know it when I saw it. The perfect gift.
I wandered all over the city, visiting the mall, bookstores, office supply stores, clothing stores, jewelers, drug stores, even grocery stores. You never know where the perfect gift is hiding.
I sipped coffee while the rain poured outside, hot cocoa while it snowed, rode the bus, walked, took a taxi, borrowed a scooter, and lost one glove during the two weeks of searching.
It would all be worth it when the wrapping was removed and the pure surprise and heavenly joy lit up her face before her arms wrapped around me in a tight hug.
I passed up glass baubles, watches, pens, candles, cheeses, wines, charms, scarves, blankets, and socks.
I wanted the message of gems, the practicality of clothes, and the intimacy of a favorite movie. More than what she wanted or needed, I would give her what she desired.
The shadows under snow drifts embraced beyond the taxi window. In the glass, my mirror image was outlined in cornflower blue.
I smiled.

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