So they tell me...

Over and over.. Its annoying how repetitious my life is… Here is a tid bit of my BIGGEST regret..

“You asshole! " I screamed at my boss, pointing my small pistol at his, cheap, lying,bald shiny head.

“I fired you for a REASON Simpson…” He said, spitting blood out.
I snarled, and slugged him again, dislocating his lower jaw.
He let his head linger to the left, where it had landed after my fist had met his jaw. “now, your gonna give my job back.. And no one gets hurt..” I growled.

“over my dead body..” he spat. I put the gun to his temple, and the couch that was in his office was now painted red and pink.

THAT is how I ended up in the piece of shit cell.

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