An Easy Sort of Game

I can never be quite sure when it stopped feeling like teasing. Sometimes, just sometimes, I suspect you still are. It was all quite innocent…It was an accidental brush of fingertips on a bare shoulder. You didn’t even notice, where as I jumped like I’d been bitten, or zapped. A pin prick bolt of lightning; that’s what you gave me.

Maybe you did notice that first time, or maybe you just grew curious. It happened a second time certainly. By the third I was sure you knew what you were doing. There was that wicked little smile, the raised eyebrows smirk that was only for me. Luring me in. You baited me with your confidence, promising nothing. So, I was tempted, I fought back, I fought dirty. It was easier that I thought, like slipping into a role I’d once known, a game I’d once played.

Fingers tangling under tabletops, I could see you were surprised, hadn’t thought I could do it. I proved you wrong. So very wrong. It felt so very right. I was rushing into the unknown, but, it was you who got caught.

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