And They Twain Shall Be One Flesh

My partner and I raced up the highway. She’s Autobahn, a sleek rape-yellow sports car. I’m Triphammer, a rugged black SUV. We’re a special Aegis strike force. If they bring in the big stuff, we’re able to bring it right back.

And it turned out our special talent was needed this time. The Marauder airfield was being guarded by one of their heavy hitters: a transformed fighter-bomber massing about four times any individual automech, with weapons to match.

“YES!” Autobahn whooped. “COMBINE TO FORM—” We began to change. Not our ordinary robot change, but a special combination form—with a just as special side benefit.

When our bodies meld, so do our minds, creating a gestalt personality to run our bigger body. And how that feels—the temporary mutual annihilation, the submergence into one another’s mind…

You’ve never lived until your entire being is an erogenous zone.

We/I hit the ground with an earth-shattering thump. “—BAHNHAMMER!” we thundered, preparing to bring the banhammer down on the Marauders.

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