The Hungry Apprentice


People remember the shapeshifting duels—Merlin in the movies. But nobody talks about the shapeshifting duets. It’s the true reason for shapeshifting—experiencing the ultimate gamut of human (and other) sexuality, in all its myriad forms. This was why I learned the art, and why I took on an attractive apprentice.

Perhaps I should have looked for other qualities besides physical beauty.

But together, we did it all. We tried opposite sexes, the same (both) sexes, and even hermaphroditism. We dabbled in June-December romances; we pretended to pedophilia. We played as animals to various degrees (one or both). We lived every fetish we could imagine, and when we ran out of real fetishes started making them up.

How could I know that she would finally decide to try vorarephilia?

Now I’m a lot smaller than I was before, and don’t exactly have freedom of movement anymore. But I still enjoy it when we have sex. Or at least, when she has sex, and her lovers caress me…

…that is, her left breast.

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