Fetish Food

She was pretty startled. Her scream nearly blew my ears out from the inside, and she squirmed and thrashed all the way down. After she was safely in my tummy, I reached over and picked up her iPad, and glanced at what she’d been reading. It was actually a pretty good story.

“MMPH! MRRRG!” I could hear her screams echoing up my esophagus, but couldn’t quite make out the words. Well, I’d heard them all before anyway. I gave my tummy a pat. “Don’t worry, hon, you’ll be all right.”

The squirming eventually stopped and my stomach shrank back down to its usual slightly-paunchy shape. Meanwhile, I could feel her consciousness drifting into the back of my mind as my body dissolved hers. She was going to become fully a part of me now. I closed my eyes and visualized myself next to her.

It took her a little while to pull herself together and get over her surprise at finding herself inside my head. After I explained things to her, she blinked, then frowned.

“You know…I have to admit, I guess that was kinda hot.”

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