A Night of Regret

Julia stood in the shadows between street lamps, outside her apartment complex. Sad eyes watched the red lights of her friends eighty-five datsun vanish over the slight rise at Sixth Street. This was the first time Charles had driven away before she waved him off from the safety of the other side of the iron fence. Those interconnected spears separated the apartments from the rest of the neighborhood. He’d always been adamant about that, staying until they were both sure she was safe. The area around her apartments had a bad reputation. Now he was gone.

The argument replayed in her head. Julia didn’t know what part of the conversation had made him clam up and drive faster, or if it was even the same thing that had made him speed off in anger. Maybe she’d apologize later- if she could figure out what to apologize for.

Thick hands shoved her up against the fence and held her there. She gasped in surprise as much as pain.

“What have we got here?”

Julia flinched as raucous laughter answered the oily voice.

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