Self-medication Comes in Many Forms

Marleen perked up as I entered the room with the carton of Ben and Jerry’s she wanted- ‘Truffle-upagus’.

“What’s with all the food? Waffles, toast, three fried eggs,a roasted chicken, mashed potatoes, a quarter of a pizza pie, a real pie- make that two pies, and a milk shake. And what’s in the box?” I was getting a little hysterical.

“Left over Chinese food.” Of course.

“And you had me bring you ice cream to boot. What is it all for?”

“It’s for me.” Her voice was small.

“Okay- but why?” I didn’t understand and I wanted to know.

“Some people drink until they don’t feel feelings- I eat. It’s why I’m fat.”

“You’re going to eat all of this right now?” I asked incredulously, waving my hands to encompass the assembled banquet.

“More or less.” Marleen seemed diffident.

“That’s disgusting.”

“I wouldn’t expect you to understand.” She took an extra large bite of pie, eyes full of self-loathing and spite. She mumbled through the mouthful, “You get what you want. This is the only way I ever get what I want.”

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