“I have lost my ability to write.” She stated quite dramatically as she collapsed onto the desk. “I will never be able to write another word again!”
Vince, quite used to Zia’s rants, ignored her and continued reading.
“Don’t you even care?!” She asked. “Writing is my life! Whatever will I do now?”
“Something.” He replied, never looking up.
“Oh, you don’t even care that my life is over? OVER!” She exclaimed.
Vince continued reading, ignoring Zia’s meltdown.
“Well then,” Zia replied in a calm voice “I guess my only option now is death.”
“Mm-Hmm" Vince replied, enthralled with his book.
Zia pushed the chair back and stood in a dramatic fashion. “Here I go. I am going to kill myself.” She announced loudly.
Vince just nodded.
“This is it. I have the gun. I am going to kill myself!” Zia stated as she raised the barrel to her temple and pulled the trigger.
Vince jumped at the loud bang and watched Zia collapse to the ground.
“Zia! NO!” he screamed, running to her side.
‘Oh, He does care.’ was her very last thought.

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