Lyrics of the Heart

She floats onto the stage, a vision in antique lace and pearls, her flame red hair flowing around her petite frame. She stares at the audience and holds up her finger in a silencing gesture as a hush falls over the crowded room. The people wait as the room dims and a wall of stars erupts on the stage. A single light shines on her, illuminating her delicate features. She searches the crowd, looking at the faces blurred by darkness, looking for him. Maybe he is here tonight, out there, waiting for her to perform for him and only him. This thought comforts her and she takes a deep breath before opening her mouth and serenading the crowd, serenading him.
He stands in a back corner of the over packed room. He watches her delicate body sway along with the rhythmic beating. Her lyrics float out of her mouth and through the darkness before drifting into his heart. A single tear rolls down his cheek as her words touch him. She sings of lost love, she sings of him and his own heart sings to her, but she can’t hear it.

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