Mission Improbable- 8

Lucy stepped out a second later into a small antechamber and saw, to her relief, a table piled with gifts. She rooted through the mound until she found a large, pink gift bag, the contents of which she dumped unceremoniously behind the table. The briefcase fit perfectly inside and she was finally ready to open the door to the private party where her contact was waiting.

The large room that housed the party was filled to bursting with chatting, whining, slightly drunk and very sophisticated socialites. A few were waiting by a table near the door, clutching gold-embossed invitations. Lucy stepped into line behind them and began to quietly freak out. What if the woman behind the table knew the real assistant manager? What if she knew that the real one was a short, hairy man instead of a tall, significantly less hairy woman? Lucy had made it this far- but the future was looking grim for the briefcase in the gift bag at her side.

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