Now finally I feel like I am lovable and real
And oh so ready to reveal myself ,
So ready to cast out the doubt and fear.
To wait in peace to be awakened from this coma in my heart,
This shutting down of systems one by one,
I love my pulse to start…

To quicken,
To jump and dart,
To light a fire, to cast a spark.
Just waiting for the right moment to come,
Ready to run to meet halfway, and say
I do believe you are the one.

The one to whom I must reveal this new-found certainty I feel,
And lose myself in your safe hold,
And never fear; be weak and bold.

The world has been set right, and there is life to fuel the light;
And so much love to fuel the life;
And so much light to brighten love;
And so much love to go around;
A music feeling in the sound of blowing kisses and a dance.
But I’m tired of romance.
I finally feel lovable and real, and so ready to reveal myself,
Cast out drama and fear.

Shut my eyes, throw up a cheer.

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