Ficlets Synopsis: Ada Sherwood, Decepticon Girl

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In my circa-2050 Aegis/Marauders setting, a Transformers Decepticon fangirl’s fan-worship leads her to join the Marauders under the name “Ada Sherwood”. She is given intensive training and then shipped out on missions to further the goal of her “bad-guy” robot faction.

Ada’s first mission is to seduce a young metallurgist named Phil Morton, using him as a way for the Marauders to infiltrate a secret metalworks plant to steal its secrets (not to mention kidnap its workers). She actually falls in love with Morton along the way, and is not without regret after betraying him.

In a later mission, paired with Russian sports car robot “Sabot Tasha”, Ada makes an unpleasant discovery about what really became of Morton after she delivered him into the Marauders’ hands—as well as thousands of others she has helped capture.

What will she do now?

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