In the Woods

“Stay calm. Won’t do no good to be anxious right now”

The young boy look up at his father, a sense of relief washing over him with his father’s words. This was his first time hunting and he couldn’t help but feel unnerved. Suddenly they heard a rustling over a nearby hill to there right. They both turned, bringing their rifles up, ready to shoot their prey. As the rustling got louder, the boy began to shake, his confidence fleeing his mind.

“I can’t do this dad.”

“Yes you can boy.”

Their prey came into view, but it was not a deer like they were expecting. Shambling towards them was a large black bear, roaring with open maw as it grew closer. Knowing a rifle would only slow it down, the father told his son to run, both turning around and ready to run. Being focused on the bear, they had not noticed the creature come up behind them until it grabbed the boy and began gnawing on his face. Decaying fingers squeezed the boy’s neck, silencing his screams as the father looked on in horror, forgetting the bear.

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