The Continental.

His lips parted as he leaned in to kiss me. I moaned in desire, then squeaked in shock as his tongue invaded my ear. No light caress, he pushed hard as though trying to taste my brain. I stifled a laugh. His eyes met mine, he burned with lust as he removed my shirt. Arms embracing me, he reached for the bra clasp. I waited, his fingers pinching me as he grew more desperate. Sighing, I reached behind and unclasped it myself, letting my full breasts free. He smiled, his tongue extended again, licking from the gentle rise of my breast, over my nipple, to my clavicle in one long, slow movement as though eating an ice-cream. I shuddered.

Slipping my skirt and panties off he moved lower. His stubble rubbing the skin of my thighs raw.

“You have such a beautiful love button.”

I looked down in puzzlement.

“Have you done this before? You’re not even in the right place.”

Gamely, he tried again.


“Not there either.”


I sighed, “How about we try this some other time?”

“Marco?” He enquired.

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