EotB: Alone in the Interim

Being the kind of person who would willingly convert a perfectly normal backyard (patio, wading pool and a crappy shanty I had once hoped to turn into a sexy sauna) into a state-of-the-art bomb shelter, I had read a few speculative fictions.

Most of these revolved around what would actually happen in a post-nuke world. What’s unfortunate about such texts is that they’re usually filled with ads for canned food, water-purifiers and other gadgetry – but little useful information.

To the casual reader, a post-nuclear world is something between a Mad-Max-esque battleground of mohawk-enthused motorists, thirsty for gasoline, or an equally horrible but no less hilarious wasteland haunted by the hideously mutated husks of the (differently thirsty) living dead.
I wasn’t really expecting photophobic ghouls to be piling up against my shelter door, but I did have a healthy respect for the mutagenic properties of radiation.
Ask any Chernobyl survivor, or go to an oncology ward.

Still. I didn’t expect the pig.

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