It was like the scene at the end of a movie- a couple, walking peacefully down the street, while the world erupts into chaos behind them. They don’t look back, but walk to a waiting car, ready to start a new life together. Then, if it was a movie, the credits would roll, leaving the viewers to fill in the happy ending themselves.
In real life, there are no credits. Nothing to stop the story line in a good spot.
Life keeps going.
They are driving away, and feeling like they are on top of the world. Then they hear the siren. Going 50 in a 35 mph zone. He pulls over, and the officer leans through the window, asks to see the license and registration. His radio crackles. BE ON THE LOOKOUT FOR TWO SUSPECTS SEEN FLEEING THE SCENE. A MALE, CAUCASIAN, APPROX 6’ TALL, BROWN HAIR AND EYES, AND A FEMALE, CAUCASIAN, APPROX 5’5", BLONDE HAIR AND GREEN EYES. SUSPECTS MAY BE ARMED. He looks at us, pulls his gun, and asks us to step out of the vehicle, hands on our heads.
That’s how we ended up in the Tomb. For good.

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