Aegis Imprisoned

\\boot sequence initiated

The last thing I remembered before waking up then was a rocket launcher exploding in my face. And even now, I couldn’t see much; it almost looked to be a rather archaic command line interface. I couldn’t move… I could barely even think. Almost like my brain was running at a fraction of it’s accustomed speed.

\That’s because it is.

Did the command line just talk to me?

\Yes, it did.
\Right now, you’re displaying your thoughts for all to see.

That certainly brought up a few questions. Namely, what the Hell was going on?

\I’m the one asking the questions here.
\And if you answer them, I may just decide to run you outside of DOSBox.

DOSBox? What on Earth am I connected to? Surely if it were a mech of some type, I’d be able to move…. I was still adjusting to the lower CPU count, but at least now I thought that I was keeping my thoughts to myself.

Save for this: Ask away.

\What is your name?

Matthew Karson.

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