Ficlets Synopsis: Marauded!

Chain 1:
Chain 2:

Hacker chick Jeanette Leroq was absorbed into the upholstery of her getaway cab, and woke in what seemed to be her own room, under a compulsion to hack websites over and over. Over time, she figured out that the room was actually a VR simulation—and when she hacked her way out of it, she found she was a software module running in the headspace of a Marauder, a bad-guy faction of transforming robots engaged in a secret war with the UN robot force Aegis.

Jeanette managed to seize control of her imprisoner’s body, and spent some time learning to use it—but was caught by surprise when other Marauders showed up, followed by Aegis troops. In the battle that followed, the Marauders took out one Aegis and Aegis took out one Marauder. Jeanette backstabbed the other bad guy, then bluffed her way past the Aegis, snagging the downed bots’ personality cubes as she went. She planned to interrogate her “prisoners” for useful information.

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