Like A Bunny (classy porn challenge)

Ever since we’ve been able to hack our DNA and add other characteristics to ourselves, fetishes have grown rapidly. I look over my script and check out my costume. I sigh and slide into the furry pink bunny suit. A makeup artist applies a rubber nose and painted whiskers. I walk on set.

“Look at YOU! I’m a sucker for the cute furry ones! Is your hair.. natural?” A marmalade 5 foot 7 kitten purrs in my ear, walking in front of me to rub her ass across my privates. “Mine is.” She entices. Her snow white kitten friend wraps a caressing arm around my shoulders. “I just love your post! Mind if I.. scratch at it?”

The next scene finds us doggy-style, the marmalade kitten’s tail laying aside, her snowy friend playfully batting, massaging and sucking at her bouncing teats. My job is to love her like a bunny. I thrust fast and hard.

Then they switch. Once both kittens are purring, satisfied, licking their ‘paws’ or each other, the director yells, “CUT!”

Good, this sweaty suit itches.

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