Wrapped Not in Red and Green

It was hot. The ocean lapped in harmony with the shore, and for once my tempest-tossed heart was at peace.

I was wearing a string bikini, turquoise, but not for long.

A shadow crossed over me. “hey!” I opened my eyes to a bright-eyed lover’s smile. Above him was a giant shade umbrella, white, turquoise, medium green and orange. He planted it at an angle so we felt like we were in our own lean-to. Then he stretched out beside me, planting kisses on my eager lips.

My heart skipped beats and suddenly the tiny bikini was too much against my skin. I wanted more than anything to feel his soft skin against mine. There was something delicious about the solid way his body pressed mine, not giving in. It asked me to accommodate myself, even as it gently moved to match.

It was an island of us, and island of desire, satisfaction, and connection. He knew me, completely. That was the best Christmas present ever and it came wrapped in warmth, love, and white, blue, green and orange.

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