Why Learn In Fantasy Land?

The bookcases stretched up to the high ceiling, packed with books and scrolls. Kitty drifted along a shelf, gazing dreamily over gilded titles. One Hundred Simple Conjurations, The Collected Works of Rary, Notes on Staff Enchantments
“So after we kill this demon king and break this curse,” Adam’s voice cut through her awe. “We can use his crown to go home?”
Adam, Brian and Mona were sitting about the High Mage Assur’s desk, staring despondently at the elderly wizard.
“As I have just explained, yes,” Assur replied.
Mona gave a sullen sigh. “I guess we have to, then. I have to get back to my fiance. The wedding’s all booked.”
“Yeah, and this place freaks me out,” Adam added.
Kitty stared at the bookcase, her heart sinking.
“Lord Assur,” she said suddenly. “Could I borrow a few of these? There’s so much here that I…I mean, there could be some useful spells for us.”
Assur gave her a long, searching look, wise eyes filled with understanding and a hint of pity.
“Of course, my child. As many as you wish.”

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