Partnership of the Gun

“My future?” I asked.

She nodded, kneeling down to speak to me face to face. “I can probably get you assigned to another robot body, if you want. A car, like mine, or a motorcycle.”

I shook my head, the servos making little whir-whir noises. “I don’t think I wanna change my body again.”

She nodded. “Probably a good decision. A gunmech is…a little unusual, so it’s not likely they’d want to reassign that body out from under you.”

I blinked. Or at least tried to blink; my optics didn’t. “They could…do that?”

“Hon, they could do pretty much anything. I think I can make sure they leave you alone for now, though. Even they have their limits.” She hesitated. “I was wondering if…well, my own gun got trashed in the refinery raid, and…”

“You want me to be your gun?” I asked.

“I want you to be my partner,” she corrected. “That would involve being my gun part of the time, but I promise I wouldn’t use you like he did.”

I didn’t even have to think about it. “I’ll be your partner as long as you want me.”

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