Automech Intervention

For a while, we talked… or rather, I talked and he displayed what he wanted to say on-screen. He seemed rather shocked that I was able to take my captor’s body as my own, though I guess he didn’t know who he was dealing with, did he? Even to people who would call me friends would never recognize me like this.

Eventually, I was able to coax out the location of the nearest Aegis base of operations. If I could get inside somehow, and convince them of my story….

\You might want to watch out for that suspicious looking shadow behind you.

Suspicious looking shadow? Oh, right, the webcam was on. It was then that my audio receptors (Microphones? I couldn’t call them ears anymore, now could I?) picked up some rather heavy footsteps, some way behind me.

Almost reflexively – maybe some residue from that idiot, BotNet? – I turned and armed myself with Dugout’s rifle… and was greeted by the barrel of a rather similar weapon.

“Who are you… no, scratch that, how did you find me?” I asked, finger tightening.

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