In the beginning

Temptation. She watched as it shook lightly in the morning breeze.
The petite woman turned at the sound of her name to see her lover rushing towards her. Evie smiled as she watched his muscular figure jogging towards her. He was a good man and loved her fiercely and she had always loved him as well. But now things were different and that is why she had invited him here.
He smiled as he approached her and gave her a tender kiss on her cheek. “Hello, my love, you look beautiful as always.”
Evie blushed and returned his smile with one of her own. But her smile was a little too tight, a little too fake and he knew something was amiss.
“What is wrong, my dear?” He asked, words dripping with concern.
Evie looked at her sandy-haired, sun-kissed lover.
“Adam, do you love me?” She asked gently.
“Of course I do and I would do anything to prove it to you.” he answered sincerely.
Relief flooded her and with one delicate finger she pointed to the plump red apple, hanging from the branch.
“I need you to eat that.”

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