Subway Pursuit

We barrelled along through a universe of dimly-lit concrete and steel. I split my attention between the tunnel and the map, carefully making sure I was following its course. Whoever set this insane escape route up would have planned in at least some safety factors; accidentally missing a turn might put us in a world of hurt.

Under my breath, I counted the seconds. Only one hundred twenty of them before this mess would be out of my hands again, and the bike could be back under the control of someone who knew more of what she was doing. I also wondered how I had ever managed to get roped into this crazy scheme. Oh, right, my iPhone. Funny, you’d think you’d be in more danger of getting abducted by transforming robots if you used an Android.

As my count hit 29, we flashed past a side trunk, and out of the corner of my eye I saw a light come on as we passed. It was too low and small to be a train light—and I caught another flash in the rear view mirror.

I risked a quick glance. We were being followed.

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