I Really Do Love You

Wish with a whisper
Speak to her deeper
Seek what’s within
The genuine
Place your in
Break the fake
Mannequin shell
Unhand the charade you’ve carried so well
Acknowledge that you are wrong
Stay strong
Hush your fears
Flush out tears
Smear them away from your cheek
Unable to stay stable?
Let yourself crumble if you creak
Leak and glisten
Grasp her standing feet and ask her to listen
Take a seat on the floor
Solidify your core— at the heart—
Your own words will try to tear you apart
Start by saying that you miss her
How without her you have withered
Get up and deliver
A ‘sorry’
Tell of how the night
Has not been starry
Since she took her light
How you can hardly
Want anything other
Than to love her right
Take her hands
Off crossed arms
Quiet her alarms
Hold her until comfort forms
In soft embraces
Thwart the thorns that imbed
Turn them into flower traces
And let her lead you back to bed

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