Ficlets Synopsis: Desert Story (Part Two)

Strake and Streetsweeper set off for Lordun, the Marauders’ city, their mission complicated by the fact that Jiana and Streetsweeper are bickering over sharing Streetsweeper’s body. When they reach the outskirts of Lordun, a recon probe finds that the Heartstar is being kept inside the Library, one of the most heavily-defended buildings in the city.

They take out a Marauder cyclemech guard and adopt its disguise to infiltrate into the city. However, as they travel through slums on their way to reach their objective, they encounter a band of renegade escaped slave-mechs who take them for Marauders and attack. However, they quickly take out Chert, the bots’ leader.

This was my first Aegis/Marauders story, and one I’ve enjoyed writing a lot. However, my co-writer doesn’t exactly seem to be reachable, and I just don’t want to continue it by myself. Anyone want to step up?

The final post is at if anyone wants to sequel from there.

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