Ficlets Synopsis: Automech Vignettes (Part One)

Aegis Library –

Shelly, the Aegis Librarian, reflects on the nature of Libraries—the vaults where Aegis and Marauders store the “souls” of those they digitize, and also use as processors in gigantic cluster supercomputers. She’s not very happy that in some respects Aegis is just as bad as the Marauders.

Car Talk –

Shelly rescues her Marauder-processed boyfriend—by putting his neural storage cube into her car. (Mature-ish, features pun.)

Kiss and Ride –

A new transferee to Aegis’s Taiwan base finds that automechs often choose to interpret road signs literally.

Cars in the Water –

Interpreting a road sign literally lands a car in hot water—or at least lake water.

Mechanical Employees Only –

A potential Aegis recruit goes through a door marked “Mechanical Employees Only”…and meets a mechanical employee.

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