Ficlets Synopsis: Automech Vignettes (Part Two)

Locked in the Dark –

Trapped between two blast doors, a man and his automech partner wait to see if the Marauders are going to attack through smaller ventilation ducts.

The Marauder Factory –

A first responder who helped take out a Marauder refinery slowly discovers the full horror of what the Marauders refine for fuel.

Becoming Robot –

Trapped in an Aegis maint lab under Marauder invasion, a mech tech scans himself into one of the automech bodies he’s been repairing to try to fight his way out.

And They Twain Shall Be One Flesh –

Why combining multi-robot automechs really do it. (Mature.)

Cinéma Vérité –

A movie critic who dissed the latest James Bond movie for involving totally unrealistic transforming robots gets more than he bargained for.

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