Gift Rapt

When we made love that night, it was different from how it was before. Before, we had been equals—caressing each other, gently stroking and touching in equal measure.

But now, instead, she gently dominated me, making it clear who owned who. There was no sense of superiority or cruelty in this, only simple ownership and love—I belonged to her now, so she would use me, but she would also take care of me. She did not deny me satisfaction—but she made absolutely certain I satisfied her first. It was amazingly sexy.

It was a little harder to get used to the fact that I no longer had the authority to make any decisions on my own behalf. That was brought home to me when she hauled me down to where I worked to explain to my boss that since I belonged to her now, she was withdrawing me from my job to be her full-time pet. (He really hated to lose me, and managed to talk her into letting me work from home at least for the time being.)

But I had chosen my gift, and I would live with the consequences it brought.

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