The Rec-Center

Covered in a fine layer of dust, a vaguely humanoid shaped automaton stands, bolted to the floor of one of the many rooms inside the local Rec-Center. Sensing noises from within the facility, the robot’s optic sensors open with a small click, it awakes from its ‘sleep mode’. Activating a simple diagnostic check within its CPU, the clockwork machine registers the date as June 23, 2053. It recalls that its been four days since it’s last external command.

Meanwhile, at the of entrance the abandoned Rec-Center, two police officers wander through the darkness of the building.

“Man, this place gives me the creeps, why did we come here again?”, Officer Shank whispers to his longtime buddy, Ten.

“I just thought that it was weird that all the lights were out, this place is usually open twenty-four seve- wait, did you hear that?”, Ten whispers back, drawing his standard issue taser gun.

“That clicking noise? Yeah, I heard it too. I think it came from in here…..”


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