A Sequel About Poem Stories

I don’t have the time
To check every rhyme
To make sure it’s sound not just sight

And so in the end
It might just offend
So you don’t rate as high as you might

It’s very well
To write doggerel
About posts of a sequely nature.

Writing lots of posts
No matter what the costs
Is a way to secure Ficly stature.

I just find it sad
And sometimes get mad
So many posts just don’t rate sequels

Even the ones
I write just for fun
But personally think have no equals

So where does this leave us?
A number that’s grievous
Of stories that never complete

And are lost to the ages
Or pages on pages
Of which such stories are replete

So I write me a poem
And think, "That’ll show ‘em
I’ve talent for more than just prose.

“And if they say my meter
Could probably be neater
I can just punch them right in the nose.”

But this rhyme’s out of joint
I thought I had a point
I’ll probably never find it now.

But if there’s a way
To get more people to play
In my stories, I’d like to know how.

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