Non-Sequitur to Common Sense (The Lord's Name Is Debbie btw)

Who writes this non- sequitur
Meter of non-sense?
Promise not to applaud
Writer’s that don’t leave comments
They’re like ugly, bra-less broads
Smugly speaking to one of the crudest, prudish gods
Talking on and on in vain
While jawless we yawn
They’re so drunk they’ve forgotten the lord’s name!
Odds are that the rotten aim
Of these lawless, hackneyed frauds
Is a need to have had the ficly codfish slain
Beneath polished masterpieces they post in frames
Made of apex predator teeth, a self editor’s belief, and the scalped manes
Of the lion’s they claim to have tamed
And it’s so sad when they don’t obtain
The acclaim they may deserve
And wane into a slump of pain sloping like the moon’s curve
They tend to amble into the bar I bartend
Sending me the same open-ended question, “Why no selection…?”
I remain plain and say “There’s only one answer I serve
Without absurd misdirection stirred into any word”…
They lean in for a closer inspection
“It’s called common sense— leave comments— and you’ll be heard”

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