A Most Peculiar Factory

“So, these are where the new ones come in?” asked St. Patrick. He still wasn’t used to the “saint” part.
“Yup, things pretty much run themselves here, " said St. Frank. “Next, we’ll go over to Acclimation and let them get acquainted with their new bodies.”
“Wait, what? You can see what they’re going to be?” asked St. Patrick.
“Yup, since The Almighty has everything written down in his plan, and these newbies won’t remember what they see here, we just use it as a staging area for them to get ready for life again,” explained St. Frank.
As the souls came into Receiving they weren’t anything more than a simple puff of white. Mind you, it wasn’t free form like a cloud but rather resembled a white bowling ball. They floated down onto the conveyor belt system that carried them to Acclimation and ultimately back down to Earth.
“So, St. Frank, why’d you pick me? To work here, I mean,” asked St. Patrick.
“I thought you knew…” started St. Frank. “You did run a FedEx for nearly 40 years, right?”

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