Under Fire

“Telic, cover!”

I dashed out from behind the barrels, the explosion of gunfire behind me confirmation he was taking to heat for now. Quick hop over a crumbling wall, down a bit further, crouching – significantly more protection than the splintered wood I’d just fled.

I ripped out the pin a hurled my last frag towards the barricade. Rockets had hit the convoy like a sledge. I motion Fredricks to advance to my position. Breathing hard, he gave a quick status report.

No immediate back up, minimal firepower, heavy opposition.

Fredricks popped up to take a look down the street. His head exploded into a pink mist, body landing just after I heard the gunshot.

Snipers too.

Gunfire erupted from the side, Telic was ripped in half.

Four of them – seeing me they charged, guns blazing.

I stood, firing.

My clip hit empty after 6 shots.


Down, scrambling for his ammo pouch.

Enemy closing fast.

Heavy clip – full.

They cleared the broken wall as I slammed it into my gun.

Upside down?


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