first time in the backyard

It was a mistake. an accident,really
they were climbing a tree,being childish
he misstepped and fell,dragging her along,falling on top of him. they were giggling.
it didn’t help that they’d had a few beers already.
her glasses had fallen to the side. she leaned down and kissed him while they laughed. he kissed her back.
she tasted of chocolate and beer. they kissed and rolled around laughing, until they saw a flash and quickly separated.

They looked up to see a group of their friends looking at them and laughing. one of them was holding a camera.
they blushed and stood up.
“Awww!”said several of the girls “don’t stop!” added another one. “You’re so cute!” said someone else.

They just smiled and walked over to the group,holding hands.
she asked “can I see the photos?”
“Sure!there were some pretty ones!”
people laughed.

the girl’s best friend told her “We’ll talk later” as they walked in. the rest followed, they all sat down and opened more was just another story to tell.

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