Amos Thibodeau and the Zombie Jamboree

“Papa,” Amos Thibodeau Jr. asked his daddy, “This year I old enough to go to de new year’s party at Catfish Landing, ain’t it true?”

“Son,” Amos Thibodeau Sr. said, “I not so sure dat de right party for you.”

“Why not?” The boy asked. “I ten years old now and dat old enough to stay awake ’till midnight.”

“True dat,” the man replied, “But de Catfish Landing party be special. Dat be de night all de zombies in de bayou come up fo de dance and de sing an’ to see in de new year. It ain’ for de small boy or de faint o heart, you see.”

Mama Thibodeau spoke up about this time and said, “Amos Thibodeau Jr., you too young to go out carousin’ wit’ all dem whiskey drinkers an midnight dancers wit’ dey short dresses and wicked ways. An’ you by far too young to be hang out with no zombies.”

Amos’ daddy thought about it and then disagreed with what mama said. He flatly stated that the boy would be allowed to go, come new year’s, zombies or no.

Mama said, “He go, I go too. Damn de zombies.”

She got in the last word.

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