There's A Glow Stick Inside You


It begins inside.

Somewhere inside a part of you cracks. It hurts and you cry. You get shaken up. Your entire world is turned on its ear, fallen down, shattered, and you have to reevaluate Everything.

Your insides then take part in a great chemical reaction.

Maybe while you sleep and the tears dry on your cheeks. Maybe while you sit calmly and listen to the waves crash in whispers to your soul. In that moment of vulnerability, when your self is not influenced by anyone else’s ideas, you realize the truth. You gain direction. Things make sense and you feel like you again.

You begin to glow.

Back on track, you see things through new eyes. You make choices, culling the bad from your life, making you happier and finding a freedom in your own skin that others see.

You shine.

Your spirit and exuberance inspire others and begin to show them what their insides could be, if they want. All they have to do is start their own chemical reaction inside.

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