Have Done

Alone, awake, and one day late
Tryin’ to find another way
To build a bridge and make you stay
Sweat and toil the price I pay
Just to fail and watch you walk away

Alone, asleep, in sorrow deep
Tryin to find another dream
To cover scars in a softer sheen
But scars are all I have, it seems
So I wake up and say the words I mean

And they’re gonna have to do
Cause I did my part
The fault, now, it lies with you
I gave my heart
But yours just wasn’t true
Wish it wasn’t quite so sharp
Cuts and bruises, black and blue
Your wordless weapons from the start
Until the moment you depart
Were the blades that tore me from you

So get real
Stop swinging
You can’t feel
The pain you’re bringing
You’ve cut enough
So cut it out

Time for you to start
It’s your turn
Because I did my part.

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