Damian's Rant

Do you recall the start?
Heartless and humble
Always in trouble
There’s no hope here
Just a wingspan of fear
For a frozen black heart.

If you had been there
Would you have tried to stop me?
Breaking the fall, breaking it all
Breaking me as I go down

If I’d made it clear
Would you have tried to set me free?
Silent I lay, in my dark silent grave
Silently I will not fight to rise

Gold hair, blue skin
Silver eyes, wolf-kin
Can you meet in the middle?
Is there ground where both may stand?
Quiet voice, bright star
Quiet soul, broken heart
And paradise is what they seek
With a blue tattoo and a frozen hand.

I’ll sit here inside
Til the day that you die
Watching your tears
Stealing your dreams
If you ever grow to weak
The beast inside will wake
You’ll never find an end to me
I’m your draconic enemy
And if you ever drink my fire
I’ll make sure you never find her.

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