The city was in chaos. Flames were leaping from ship to ship, consuming everything in their path. Sails and hulls were ablaze, ships slowly sinking into the sea. Sailors were panicking, leaping into the water, desperately trying to make it safely to the shore. Smoke was filling the air, making it difficult to see.
Not content with the destruction it had caused so far, the fire started to spread to the docks, incinerating waiting cargo. People were running everywhere, trying to stop the fire, but to no avail. The flames were greedily devouring anything they could as they raced across the street- and found the perfect fuel. The library.
Flames licked at the building. Librarians rushed out, manuscripts piled high in their arms as they tried to save them from the inferno. Some ran back in, grabbing anything they could, even as the blaze became more and more voracious. Whatever modicum of control people had managed to gain was destroyed.
People watched, helpless, as time began to burn.

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