There was a boulder coming after her now. It was an unusual thing, not something most archaeologists would think of as an on-the-job hazard, and it struck her as odd that all that was on her mind was the advice the tribesman had given her.

ayk-tay eethay eeplay ofyay-aith fay

The boulder was inscribed with a crude pig’s face. The words in her mind began to rearrange

ake-tay e-thay eap-lay of-yay aith-fay

There was a chasm ahead, too wide for the boulder to cross, but also impossible for her to leap. Then she realized, and as the ground ran out, she took the the leap of faith.

The boulder soared over her, and she realized that she was alive, standing in a corridor which had been concealed by the cliff face. The ground was flat, covered in stone tiles of various shapes and sizes. Ahead of her lay the prize, the Silver Hoof of Sow-ha-tican.

avoid-ay ee-thay ircles-say

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