The Dinosaurs! They’re dead! ALL DEAD!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

And NOW…let me just say that this originally started as an answer to the ‘despair’ challenge of ‘One Life, One Chance’. But I discovered that I’m simply not happy with it. It just doesn’t convey the Jurassic mood like it should.

And then – lo and behold – I discover that I cannot delete it. Can NOT. I’ll wait a moment for the abject horror of that to sink in. It’s like suddenly discovering that you can’t be in the army, simply because you’re three-foot-two and have webbed feet.

And are, in fact, a penguin.

But my point is – can NOT. My story is being held against it’s will!! Help! Help! Hostage crisis! Does my story have to smash a window and leap to certain death from the Italian villa where it’s being held by International Story Gangsters??? WHAT kind of cruel system IS this? Just remember – you can’t spell authoritarian without author!! WHERE is the artistic freedom? WHERE is the…oh, good – someone brought doughnuts. Mmm.

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