Self-Referential Doggerel

Does anyone really read Ficly for poems?
They’re easy to write, but so hard to sequel.
There are plenty of rhymes, if you only but know ’em
But not every poem is created equal.

I never much bothered with poems before
Whether writing or reading; they’re not what I seek
Stories in prose are the fics I look for
And what keeps me coming here week after week

I want to find stories, and people to write
Sequels to mine, the best way that they can
I ask all my friends, perhaps more than’s polite
But it’s hard to find writers, be they woman or man.

But if people like poems, I’ll give them a shot.
Maybe they’ll read other things that I do.
I never said poems were things I could not
Write just as well, for that wouldn’t be true.

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