She sat, quiet and alone – the faint glow of a computer screen illuminating her worn features.

Some said the world would end today, others said it was just beginning. A TV evangelist last Sunday had claimed both.

Fingers deftly pecked out the familiar cadence of username and password. The comforting red and white website sprang to life. It seemed to her quite wonderfully removed from the chaos and expectancy of the outside world, just like she was. In a house vacant, in her room alone.

She clicked a tab on the red ribbon running across her screen.


But no words came. The world might be ending and she had nothing worth saying.

She sat, very still, for some time – as if afraid to shatter the silence through movement.

A strange thought crept into her mind. A curious little question that begged an answer.

Driven by the growing idea, she clicked a different button.


She watched in amazement as a new screen began to load.

Words were appearing, when she heard the Trumpet Blast.

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