The hassle of legality

Hi, my name’s Dee. Don’t be offended if I zone out occasionally – it’s not that my programming’s insufficient, it’s just that I have to zap those watcher programs. Here’s one – gone now. I have some good drilling tools, too. Helps with the ice. Here, can you hold while I dig a hole in here? Oops, we cut a few lines. Don’t worry – this way.

See, that’s what the central control looks like. And that’s the inside. We’re just going to change a few parts. Next stop, the driver pit. OK, now we’re anchored nice and solid, and we control the place. Communication’s secure. High-fives all around!


Bob puts down his tea and clicks a button. Virtual landscapes shift and props move as -stage magic!- the computer appears to fold upon itself and the virtual machine is unwound. A red icon appears on the screen. Purification by fire, the only way to be sure! He retrieves the music from the digital ashes.

Buying music legally is such a hassle! A fight, even.

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