Jumpin' for Love

“No one can do that, it’s too far!" exclaimed Renee Twist.
Vincent liked the sound of her voice. And with her freckles and long brown hair, he thought she was the prettiest girl he had ever seen.
“I’ll go do it for you right now.” He proudly proclaimed.
With that he walked over and hopped onto the weathered old table and stared out at the swing set. It was pretty far away but everyone knew he was the best jumper in all of 5th grade. Plus, he had to do it now because she was watching him.
He glanced over at Renee, a mixture of fear and amazement on her face.
Determined, he began to swing his arms.. once.. twice..

“He’s awake.”
Vincent awoke in a hospital room, his family surrounding him and his upper body and both arms in casts.
“Will I be like this all summer?” he asked gloomily.
They all silently nodded.
“But what will I do?” he sobbed quietly.
“I’ll sit and read to you everyday, if you’d like." Came a sweet voice from the back of the room.
As Renee Twist stepped forward, Vincent couldn’t help but smile.

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